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Justin Timberlake Tattoos

This page shows you Justin's tattoo collection

Justin timberlake Upper left arm tattoo: Cross

Hailing from Memphis, Tenn., in the heart of the Bible Belt, Timberlake is the son of a Baptist church choir director and the grandson of a minister. J.T. proudly bears a cross on his upper arm as a shout-out to J.C. It's one of five tattoos, and his mom has told him he's not allowed to get any more. Still, there will likely be a sixth, perhaps of the initials C.D... because Justin has vowed that his last tattoo will be the name of the woman he marries.
justin timberlake tattoo tattoos cross

Justin timberlake Back tattoo: Guardian Angel

The latest of Justin's artwork is the Guardian angel on his upper back . the angel holds a banner which bares his mother's initials on the banner
justin timberlake tattoo tattoos guardian

Justin timberlake Astrical Band tattoo

on Justin's calf he has a band that wraps around and in the center it has the symbol for Justin's astrological sign " Aquarius ".

justin timberlake tattoo tattoos astrical band

Justin timberlake Chinese Symbol for Music tattoo

Justin has said this stands for music and song , both fo which are Justin's key in life .
justin timberlake tattoo tattoos chinese symbol

Justin timberlake Nsync Tattoos

Pictured here are two of Justin's tattoo's that represent nsync's albums. The flames were nsync's logo for their first album and the red ropes are a symbol of the celebrity album . red carpets are a huge part in the celebrity lifestyle.

justin timberlake tattoo tattoos

Justin timberlake No strings tattoo

Another of Justin's nsync related tattoos is the marionette on his ankle, towards the back which gets mixed into the flames and ropes. the marionette is pretty explanatory , it goes with the puppet theme of the no strings attached album.

justin timberlake tattoo tattoos nsync

Justin timberlake Alpha Dog fake tattoos

photo scan of November 15, 2004 issue of US magazine which featured Justin Timberlake posing on the movie set of "Top Dog". (click on the photo for larger view).

In the movie, Timberlake plays a drug-gang member named "Frankie Ballenbacher". Even though the tattoos are fake, but why would a tough gang member get "ice-skating" on him is still puzzling.

Click on the image to see the large version

justin timberlake tattoo tattoos alpha dog


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